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Boys 2002 Black are Champions at San Diego Premier Tournament in San Diego. The team coached by Pete Gregory won their game in the finals 3-2 to take home the trophy. Congratulations B2002 Black and GO Hawks!

Hawks Boys 2000 Black coached by Colby Stromberg who was helped this weekend by JJ, are champions at PQ Premier! The Hawks team dominated the championship final winning 5-1. Congratulations B2000 Black and GO Hawks!


Presenting your 2016 Presidents Cup National Champions!!!
Hawks GU 13 Academy, Coach Carlos Basso
Watch the final match here

Players who were voted in to the top 18 of the tournament: KK, Morgan, Emma, Kiley, KJO and Morea! Sabrina won Golden Glove - Best Keeper in the Tournament
Hawks! There are so many exciting things going on! On Wednesday the Hawks will be hosting two coaches from Juventus in Torino Italy. Juventus is the best team in Italy playing in Serie A. Juventus and Hawks are hoping to form a valuable partnership. What we are trying to achieve is coach education, player opportunities and the Hawks sending girls and boys teams to Italy and vice versa. It could be a very exciting partnership, not in name only, but also in substance. Today 
we met with one of the coaches Carlo Mastrelone who is in charge of the Juventus youth academy. The other coach is arriving today, Matteo Mercuri, he will also be at the session. All sessions are $30, paid at the event. The girls session runs 4:30-6:30 and the boys 7:00-9:00. All Hawks players are invited. If you have questions please ask your coach they have been given all the information. 
Below is a picture of Coach Carlo, let's make sure we welcome these coaches to the Hawks! GO Juventus, GO opportunities, GO Carlo, GO Mateo and GO Hawks!!


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